Calendarscope Network Edition 6.0 - What's New

Added color themes.
Added the Change background color option.
Added the Change menu colors option.
Updated all print styles.
Added the All-day item alignment option.
Added the Use standard selection option.
Added the Use item type colors option.
Added the Sharpen view option (Options | Appearance)
Added the Shade alternating months option (Month View)
Added the Show dates in bold option (Month View)
Added the Print in color, Print in grayscale, and Print in black & white options (Printing Options)
Added the ability to print centered title, if you don't print mini-calendars in the heading.

Added the ability to specify a date and time when you snooze reminders.
Added the ability to calculate age for imported yearly events.
Added the ability to use item type colors in the DS Clock tooltip window.
Added the ability to print selected only items from the Event List view.

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